I will elaborate on each of these as I build this page out.

Marc Stevens: Plea of Guilty – Tool for getting tickets kicked.
This is an awesome introductory video explaining the strategy at a high level. Marc is a pioneer meme’ing logic and reason in the Internet age. He has been invaluable in the Court Game; writing books, producing a call in radio show, making YouTube content, and helping individuals. Unfortunately due to personal attacks he is not currently taking call ins from people seeking help from bureaucratic attacks. Check out his older videos for recorded calls with tax agents and judges and his website
  • Socrates – Philosopher and credited with the Socratic Method of Investigation
  • Larken Rose – Philosopher and Educator
    • Book: The Most Dangerous Superstition
  • Chris Voss – Former FBI Hostage Negotiator and Author
    • Book: Never Split the Difference – It’s no surprise that the Court Game strategy discussed here is so similar to the strategy and tactics the FBI hostage negotiators use AND how they arrived at that strategy. Both are high stakes games.
  • Marshall Rosenberg – Created the Non-Violent Communication style and Author
    • Book: Non Violent Communication
  • Joe Navarro – Non Verbal Communication Specialist and Author
    • Book: What Every Body is Saying – great book that discusses body language which is equally as important as words when trying read what people are actually saying (actions speak louder than words). Part of this is knowing what YOU are communicating and what is happening in your body and why. What are their tells and what are yours?
  • Paul Eckman – Non Verbal Communication Specialist and Author
    • Book: Body Language – same reason as Joe Navarro’s book. Paul Eckman was a pioneer in this field and Joe put his work to use and meme’d on it.